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Our SDCC Scholarship Committee is happy to announce the SDCC  Scholarship Program for 2019.  This program will be explained today, including requirements and cut off dates for application submissions.

Nick LaRosa, a two-time CN Foundation program attendee, will tell us about his college prep experience in Oklahoma and how it has better prepared him for college.

Also, Betty Ross will give her perspective as a parent of a Cherokee Scholar, and what she did to search out scholarship info.

George Lynch will share photos and info on Native American plants that are being grown in Tahlequah. Find out how CN is helping to preserve some endangered plant species.

Mona Oge will discuss the Cherokee Medicine bag and items including medicinal herbs, that one might find in a medicine bag.

Pam Hightower will lead us in a craft project making bags loosely fashioned after the Cherokee Medicine Bag. This craft bag is not intended to represent any authenticity but will be a talking point of the significance and importance of the Cherokee Medicine Bag.

Please remember, if you have any extra fresh fruits or vegetables to bring them for the 'Sharing Table.'

Potluck, according to your last name initial:   

A-H Side Dish   I-M Dessert   N-Z Salad

Please bring your non-alcoholic beverage. Water, coffee, and fried chicken will be provided.

Hope to see you there!



SDCC Council


If you wish to have more information about this event or any other information, please contact us at SanDiegoCherokeeCom@gmail.com

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